Food: The Planters "NUTmobile" is Looking for Drivers. 

The Planters "NUTmobile" is looking for drivers. 

You can apply at from now through April 14th. 

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IHOP Introduces New Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola Nationwide Alongside New Pancake-Inspired Milkshakes And More for Spring.

IHOP has announced several new items for Spring 2024 including the reintroduction of Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola and the debut of pancake-inspired milkshakes and more. The cola is an exclusive item at IHOP and the milkshakes are part of a partnership with Sonic the Hedgehog, which offers exclusive rewards for loyalty members. 

Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola was initially launched at IHOP in March 2022 as a limited-edition flavor that only 2,000 lucky fans were able to try but it’s now available nationwide. You can order it as a standalone beverage as well or a float with vanilla ice cream. There are other new items for the Spring menu that include:

  • Pancake of the Month – featuring flavors like April’s Cinnamon Apple Pecan Pancakes, it offers a twist on classic breakfast favorites. 
  • Menu Additions – include Classic Chicken Sandwiches, pancake-inspired House-Made Milkshakes, and Silk Oatmeal Cookie Oat Creamer. 

The partnership with SEGA that celebrates the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise allows fans to earn PanCoins that are redeemable for exclusive Sonic-themed content like Sonic Superstars and full game download codes for Sonic Frontiers and Sonic Origins Plus. There’s also a Sonic-inspired menu featuring six new IHOP items including: 

  • Sonic’s Blue Blur Special – four buttermilk pancakes with double the blueberries perfect with blueberry syrup. 
  • Knuckles’ Chicken Sandwich – crispy chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato, avocado, cheese, bacon, and buttermilk ranch. “Gold” onion rings are recommended as a side. 
  • Tails’ 2x2x2 – two eggs, two pancakes, and a choice of two bacon strips or sausage links. 
  • Shadow’s Chaos Chocolate Pancakes – four-stack of pancakes filled with chocolate chips. 
  • Amy’s Sweet Strawberry Delight – golden waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and fresh strawberries. Strawberry syrup is the go-to choice. 
  • Eggman’s Benedict – black forest ham, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. 

The new items are available now at participating IHOP locations nationwide. 

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ARBY’S Announces "Free Sandwich Month" Promotion for April

Arby’s has announced a new promotion for April with ‘Free Sandwich Month’. Existing Arby’s rewards members can grab one free sandwich every week in April with any purchase. Here are the sandwiches that are included in the promotion: 

  • Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich 
  • Classic Roast Beef 
  • Greek Gyro 

To grab this deal you have to place your order at or in the Arby’s app for in-store pickup. Rewards members can get one free sandwich every week in April with any purchase as part of the Free Sandwich Month promotion. 

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COSTCO is Making A Major Change To Its Rotisserie Chicken.

Costco is well-known for its popular rotisserie chicken which has almost reached a cult-like status, but there’s a change coming to the way the chicken is packaged. In the past, the chickens were packaged in a hard plastic shell, but that’s changing. The chicken will now come in a plastic bag and some customers are wary about the decision, while others are okay with it. 

There’s an entire Reddit thread that claims the chicken-in-a-bag is prone to leaks and one comment said “the bag was super greasy” when they picked it up to put in the cart. Other Canadian Redditors claim that the bags were not a problem with one commenting “We have had these bags in Canada forever, and somehow the world still turns.” 

Another Reddit thread was all in favor of the bags. One of the comments from this thread said “Would be easier to navigate into my car space with other items. If the plastic container gets tilted a little too much to one side or the other, the scalding chicken juice runs all over everything. Other customers gave a thumbs up for using less plastic and being easier to carry. Regardless, the next time you purchase a rotisserie chicken at Costco, it’s likely to be packaged in a plastic bag. 

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