Divorce Registries are On The Rise

There are registries for various life events: Weddings and babies being the top 2. However, there is a new kind of registry that is raising some eyebrows:


Think about it this way: Before you get married, you most likely have everything you would need to live alone (your own bed, your own kitchen appliances, your own vacuum). Once you get married you merge lives and either get rid of the excess or get all new things together. After a marriage falls apart, one or both parties have to find a new place to live and SPLIT or buy all new things.

Questions like: who gets the furniture? The kitchen appliances? The vacuum or bed/bedding? are asked and typically results in spending money that you might not have at the time. Plus if a kid is involved, there's even more of an expense to get them their own stuff.

There is even a newer platform that features things a new single person night need: Fresh Starts Registry Co-Founder, Jenny Dreizen, told HuffPost, quote:

“Divorce registries give people the chance to curate their lives exactly as they desire: the half plate-half bowls that light them up, the sheets that make their bed feel like a hotel and the picture frames that make their home feel cozy.”

Source: HuffPost

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