Daily Do Good: Kind Kansas Cop Replaces Boy’s Therapy Pig

A family in Derby, Kansas, faced a heartbreaking situation when their son’s therapy pig was attacked by another animal. Recognizing the importance of the pig to the family, Lieutenant Jessica Whitehead of the Derby Police Department went above and beyond to help. She personally took on the responsibility of finding a replacement pig for the little boy.

Whitehead drove all the way to Missouri to pick up a new pig for the family. During the journey, she made sure the pig was well taken care of, treating it “like a king.” The Derby Police Department shared on social media that Whitehead even kept the pig at her home overnight.

The family was overjoyed when Lieutenant Whitehead delivered the new pet the next day. According to the department, the family was ecstatic to have their son’s beloved therapy pig replaced.

Source: WSB TV

Cute baby piglet

Photo: HadelProductions / iStock / Getty Images

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