Where Should Your Carry-On Bags Go On Plane

When you’re on a crowded flight, it can be tough to find space in the overhead bins for your bags. We’ve all been there and it’s frustrating to not only you, but everyone behind you also waiting to store their luggage and sit down. And a TikToker has people debating where it’s okay for passengers to put their carry-on luggage on a plane.

The creator, Emem, shared a video that makes his opinion loud and clear. It reads: “Airplane etiquette 101: Don’t place your carry-on in row 8 on your way to row 26.” He adds in the caption that people should put their purses and jackets under the seat in front of you “like you’re supposed to.”

But not everyone agrees that passengers should only store their bags close to where they’re sitting and they’ve taken to the comments section to share their take on this common dilemma.

  • “OMG it bothers me so much,” writes one person. “Like 1 carry-on per person, and need to put it in your row. People be shoving 10 things up there too.”
  • Another comment is that it’s “so frustrating” to get to their seat and find that the whole storage bin is already full.
  • But not everyone agrees, with some saying it’s okay to take any space they can find because it’s so challenging. “You place it wherever it fits,” one writes. And another shares, “Spots aren’t reserved. Duh.”
  • “If there’s space, use it,” comments someone claiming to be a flight attendant. “Saves us time hunting for space at the end of boarding.”

Source: Insider

Photo: Getty Images

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