Oreo to Release The Most Oreo Oreo Cookie on Monday

Coming soon...the Most Oreo Oreo Cookie! On Monday, Oreo will debut what they call The Most Oreo Oreo which has two cookies and and a massive amount of creme in the center, but this ain’t your regular old double stuff, the crème in this cookie has little bits of Oreo cookie in it!  

And the cookies will arrive just in time for the launch of the Oreoverse, a brand-new online Oreo-themed virtual reality world. If you got a Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro VR headset for the holidays, break that baby out and you can use it to explore the Oreoverse, or you can access it with your smartphone or computers at oreoverse.oreo.com. While you're there you can play all sorts of Oreo-themed games, plus there’s a $50,000 grand prize you can enter to win. 

The limited edition Most Oreo Oreo Cookies will arrive in a store near you on January 30th. 

Source: USA Today

Oreo Cookies

Photo: Getty Images

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