A Couple Is Using Spreadsheets To Improve Their Sex Life

We don’t typically think of spreadsheets as sexy, but one woman says using them to split the household chores with her partner has made their sex life better. Tara Blair Ball and her husband, Brian, always had a verbal agreement about who did what around the house, but after the birth of their youngest daughter in 2020, they wanted to be extra organized.

So the mom from Memphis started the color-coded spreadsheet, listing tasks like food shopping, vacuuming, taking the trash out, laundry, and picking up the kids. It lists how often the tasks need to be done and each of them sign up for the jobs they prefer, which they say has made them more appreciative of one another. Tara admits she never liked doing the laundry, so Brian does that one and she does dishwasher duty, while he takes on more of the mental tasks, like making appointments.

In addition to the spreadsheet, the couple also has a weekly check-in about their relationship on Sunday evenings. Tara, who’s also a relationship coach, says they share what’s bothering them and what’s going well, plus it gives them a chance to tweak the spreadsheet depending on what’s happening in the week ahead. This system is working so well for them, she says it’s improved their relationship and has left them each with more energy and better sex life. And Brian agrees, explaining, “This way we feel like equal partners and are accountable for completing our tasks so neither of us feels undervalued or unappreciated."

Source: Tyla

Photo: Getty Images

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