Send a Senior Shoutout Sponsored by Countryside

Countryside and Y102 are saluting all of our graduating seniors in Central PA!

Let's hear from you! Download the iHeartRadio app - Hit the Talkback Button - Record your SHOUTOUT and then tell your Graduating Senior to listen to Y102!

Talkback Mic

An innovative way to have your voice heard! Engage with your favorite on-air hosts and DJs in on-air conversations by tapping, recording, and sending your voice directly from within the iHeart app for iOS and Android.

How can I use the Talkback Mic?

  1. Navigate to Y102
  2. Tap the microphone button and record a voice message up to 30 seconds (First-time users may be required to grant microphone access)
  3. Select “Try again” and repeat step 2, or select “Send
  4. Voice recording is instantly sent to the station!

Download the latest version of the app, here!

Do you have more questions about Talkback click here!

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