DDG: Best Buy Workers Make Dream Come True For Boy With Autism

A mom in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is sharing her gratitude for the staff at her local Best Buy who went out of their way to make her son’s night. Erika Buchholz’s son, Parker, is a huge fan of the store. He has autism and loves anything that involves electronics and she says his goal is to someday work at Best Buy.

So Erika reached out to the store to find out if she could buy a shirt from them for Parker to wear on Halloween. They agreed, but went above and beyond to make a whole night of it for him. Staff members Israel Molinar, Jennifer Bau and Tristan Wilkinson showed him around the store, let him pick out anything he wanted and even let him scan the items because he was the worker, with his own Best Buy shirt with his name on it.

“Christmas came early for this little boy, and we are forever grateful for the memories made,” Erika writes in a Facebook post. “Words cannot express my appreciation for Best Buy and its Fort Wayne store.”

Source: Sunny Skyz

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