Man Secretly Buys Dead Wife’s Perfume For New Wife

It’s never easy to get over the loss of a spouse, and even if you find love again that doesn’t mean you have to stop loving them. But one man found a way to keep the memory of his late wife alive and many people, including his new wife, find it totally creepy. 

The man shares on Reddit that he lost his first wife a long time ago and while he’s still not completely over it, he says he’s “a long way from where I was after it happened.” He explains that he tries to keep her memory alive, and one of those ways is by keeping her perfume around “so I could keep that scent/her scent present.” 

While that doesn’t sound so bad, it does when you find out that he keeps that scent around by buying the perfume for his current wife, but never told her that’s why he chose the scent. His late wife’s friends and family know the scent is that of his first wife, but he asked them not to say anything to his current spouse.

Many of the man’s friends and family didn’t think it was healthy for him to be keeping this from his current wife, who he’s been married to for more than a decade, but he disagrees, noting he never forced his wife to wear it, and argues that he hasn’t tried to do anything else like make her change her look to remind him of his deceased spouse.

But the man’s secret recently came out when his former sister-in-law spilled the beans to his current wife, and, as you can imagine, it didn’t go over well. “She now wonders if some of the times I was really attracted to her it was just the perfume and me imagining my first wife,” he wrote. “I've tried reassuring her but she won't listen to what I say.”

  • The wife is pretty furious, but he doesn’t understand why and asked Reddit if he is indeed in the wrong, and most people agree that he is.
    • “You kept this from your wife for a reason — you knew it was wrong when you did it,” one person noted.
    • Another added, “Sorry to say it, but your wife should have been told why you gifted her the scent. If she chose to wear it that’s one thing but you took away that agency because of your own needs. That’s really not okay.”
  • Some folks did feel bad for the guy.
    •  “Waaaaaay too many people here seem to have zero empathy for someone whose spouse died," one commenter shared. "She isn’t his ex. She is his late wife.” 
  • The guy did eventually realize that what he did wasn’t right. “I guess deep down I knew it probably wasn't healthy,” he later shared. “But it seemed harmless to me at that time and then it became normal."

Source: Café Mom

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