Big Mac Proposal Shamed Online, But She Said Yes

Not everyone has the same idea of what makes for a romantic proposal. While some may think getting down on one knee during a candlelit dinner is the ultimate way to ask, others might prefer a “Will you marry me?” up on the Jumbotron at a sporting event. But one guy went low-key when he asked his lady love to be his wife and he’s getting roasted for it on social media.

A video shows him hiding an engagement ring inside a Big Mac at McDonald’s while his unsuspecting girlfriend sips a drink in the background. The short clip shows him then slide the burger box over to her and while we don’t get to see the big moment, she must have been into the fast food move because she’s the one who posted the video to TikTok with the caption, “I SAID YES!!!”

Alina Dumova shared the video of her boyfriend preparing to pop the question and it’s gotten more than 13-million views and lots of comments and opinions. The bride-to-be may have been into his proposal, but TikTok users don’t seem to find it very romantic. “I will never say yes to a ring in my food,” one writes, and another gets specific, posting, “Not at McDonald’s.” And one user calls him out by writing, “This is how my ex-boyfriend proposes to me.” Others seem concerned about the ring being hidden in food, with one user joking, “Part 2, she’s on the floor choking on it.” But at least one person was feeling the love for it, writing, “This is how people win my heart, with food.”

Source:Fox News

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