Taxi Driver Goes Up In Flames After Sanitizing His Hands

During the pandemic, hand sanitizer has become a must-have item for everyday living. A British taxi driver found out that not all hand sanitizers are created equal. Especially the kind that is alcohol-based. 

Brian Hutchinson’s attempt at good hygiene nearly cost him his head after he found a lighter left behind by a passenger in the backseat of his cab. When he went to light the lighter, he didn't realize that he had just used his hand sanitizer. As he flicked the lighter, the spark ignited a “fireball” on him. The flame quickly spread from his hands, which were still drying from hand sanitizer to his head, arms, and legs. 

Now in recovery after seven weeks in a hospital, doctors have said the driver may have to wear compression garments, to protect his delicate and injured skin from breakage, for potentially years to come. Fire experts are warning consumers to handle alcohol-based hand sanitizers with extreme caution. 

A similar accident occurred in Texas to a woman who was trying to light a candle. 

Source: New York Post

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