Two Little Girls Use Taco Bell's WiFi For School And Community Steps In

Taco Bell stepped up for two little girls in Salinas, California after they needed somewhere to do their homework. The local Taco Bell provided the girls with WiFi so they could do their school work. 

A photo of two young girls sitting outside the Taco Bell recently went viral and that sparked some true help from the community. The girls can be seen sitting down on the concrete with their laptops and notepads out, while two employees come out to talk to them.

A handful of elected officials spoke out on the photo and the Salinas City Elementary School District said they were already working to remedy the situation by providing them a hot spot with internet access. A GoFundMe account was set up as well for the girls and their mom who was about to be homeless after their landlord was to begin renovations on their unit. 

Source: TMZ

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