A Naked Guy at a Taco Bell Drive-Thru Claims All of His Clothes in the Wash

I know this guy's just a sexual deviant. But the optimist in me wants to believe his story and go buy him some extra pants . . .

A 61-year-old in Oklahoma City named Christopher Sale showed up at a Taco Bell drive-thru NAKED on Saturday.

And he claimed it was because ALL of his clothes were in the wash.

They ended up filling his order and hoped he'd just leave. Then he asked for one more taco. So they gave him one, but he still didn't leave.

After that, he asked for more hot sauce . . . then more napkins . . . and finally left. But then he came BACK through the drive-thru and asked for more sauce again. So the employees called the cops.

He told police that all of his clothes were in the laundry . . . but he was hungry, so he jumped in the car anyway. He also claimed he didn't know it was illegal to drive naked.

He was arrested, but it's not clear what charges he's facing. 


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