Florida Attorney Leads Police On Chase While Name Dropping Celebrities

Deputies in Monroe County, Florida say 38-year-old attorney Reena Patel Sanders led them on a high-speed chase down US-1 in her Lexus SUV before name-dropping celebrities, and demanding pizza. Sanders allegedly didn't stop even when a deputy turned on his lights and siren. The defendant almost crashed at one point, and then later fishtailed. The deputy managed to box in her vehicle and held her at gunpoint until another deputy arrived to help take her out of the SUV.

Officials claim she smelled of alcohol, and seemed impaired. Sanders allegedly cursed at deputies, then named-dropped actors like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Owen Wilson, and Ryan Reynolds, adding that she fled from the deputy because she was scared. A deputy also said Sanders allegedly asked when she could return to her hotel.

When told she was going to jail on a "litany of charges," she said no, and "insisted we get pizza." She is charged with a felony count each of resisting an officer, and possession of drugs (she allegedly had gummy worms containing cannabis). She also faces misdemeanor counts of reckless driving, DUI, and resisting an officer.

Source: LawandCrime

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