DDG: Teen Creates Comics With Superheroes With Disabilities For Her Pal

Exploding POW! sign against red background

When 19-year-old Trinity Jagdeo’s best friend Alexus Dick was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2, a rare and serious degenerative disease a few years ago, she wished there was a superhero she could relate to and be inspired by. But she couldn’t find a hero with a disability or special needs, so she created one herself.

At 17, Trinity started writing and drawing her own comic books that featured special needs kids and Alexus loved them. She says seeing the comics starring heroes with disabilities was one of the best gifts she could get. Trinity has written and illustrated three books so far, “Alice the Ace,” “The We Can Squad Saves the Day,” and one she did for Alexus’ brother, who also has spinal muscular atrophy, called “Zappy Zane.”

Trinity also started her own nonprofit, From We Can't to We Can, which raises money for families of children with disabilities.


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