Woman Quit Job to Make Six Figures a Month Acting as Dog for People Online

People have some CRAZY fetishes, man. And it looks like they'll spend BIG money on them.

There's a 21-year-old woman named Jenna Phillips in Austin, Texas. And she recently quit her job as an optician . . . because she found that men were paying up to six figures a month for videos of her ACTING LIKE A DOG.

Apparently that's a fetish with a LOT of fans. Jenna has an account on where she charges $20 a month for videos of her chasing balls, walking on a leash, rolling around, and taking baths . . . mostly naked.

She also makes $1,200 for custom videos.

Jenna is on pace to clear more than $1 million this year. I've wasted my life. 

(Daily Mirror

(Here's a safe-for-work picture of her playing fetch.)

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