Cheeky Corpse: Georgia Detectives Discover Body is Sex Doll

It seemed like a major crime for Allenhurst, a town of less than 700 people in southeast Georgia. A female body was spotted by the railroad tracks. Liberty County deputies gathered at the scene and waited for the coroner.

It took a while before they realized the joke was on them: The corpse was actually a sex doll.

Detective Mike Albritton said officers found the female humanoid Tuesday afternoon, WSAV-TV reported. Under department policy, deputies can’t touch a dead body until the coroner arrives.

Once the coroner came to the scene, detectives began checking the body for injuries and immediately realized it was a sex doll. Detectives said it was anatomically correct, with realistic features and was fully dressed.

It’s unclear whether authorities will investigate. Albritton said he’s never encountered a incident like this.

Link: Associated Press

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