DDG:Boy Finds & Returns Marine’s Dog Tag To Family 46 Years After His Death

A family in Ohio found and returned a missing dog tag belonging to a Marine who died in 1974. Kolton Conrad, 12, was kayaking with his dad on the Hocking River when he spotted something shiny in the water and pulled up the military ID.

The name on the tag was Rhonemus, which isn’t a common name, so Kolton’s mom posted a photo of the dog tag on Facebook and hoped someone would know who it belonged to. It only took six hours for Kimberly Greenlee, the sister of Steven Rhonemus, to reach out to the Conrads. The family met up with her and returned her brother’s ID and she was thrilled to get it.

Greenlee has given it to her niece, Danielle, who wasn’t yet born at the time of her dad’s death. She told her aunt that getting the piece of her father’s past “felt like God was letting her know that her dad was with her and watching over her.”

Source: Lancaster Eagle Gazette

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