Try It Tuesday: Leah Learns To Make Sushi!

I decided that I want to try more new things in Try It Tuesdays was born! It's going to be hard to beat this one. The super seafood knowledgeable Bill at Adelphia Seafood gave me a Sushi making lesson...AND taught me about Oysters!

This was PERFECT for right before Valentine's Day, because really either a Salmon Roll or Oysters could be considered aphrodisiacs. ;)

Get your Valentine's Weekend meal at Adelphia Seafood! Sushi, Oysters, Lobster, Crabcakes...just a few ideas. Follow them on facebook for specials!

A chance to win a gift card HERE!

You can find Adelphia Seafood in West Lawn, Pottsville, and Fairgrounds Farmers Market!

And here we have the "Director's Cut"...because Bill just had soooo much good information I wanted to give you a chance to see all of it.

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