Painful 'Price Is Right' Clip Shows Both Contestants Overbidding By Dollars

There have been some tough moments on The Price Is Right, like the time a guy took $1500 instead of trying to win a new car, or the time a contestant was in the bathroom when she was called to come on down, or the time host Drew Carey left a contestant hanging as he tried over and over to shake his hand, but there is a new one from a recent episode that is so painful to watch you'll actually feel it in your gut.

It took place during the final showdown, when contestants bid on a huge package of fabulous prizes. The one who gets closer to the price of their package without going over, wins it. In the clip, the first contestant, who bid $26,844 for a car and game room, wound up being over by just $481 - it was actually worth $26,844. That's pretty bad, but then the other contestant, who guessed $25,000 for three dream vacations, wound up overbidding by just $4 - they were worth $24,996.

The audience groaned and Carey apologized to both contestants, calling it "a bummer." Hopefully they got some good consolation prizes.

Photo: YouTube

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