Daycare Worker Tells Mom To Five-Year-Old On Diet

Body shaming anyone is awful, but can you imagine doing it to a five-year old? Well, that’s exactly what happened to one woman’s child,and she’s furious.

A Texas woman, whose son has gone to Rocking Horse Day Care in Houston for three years, was shocked when she received an insulting note back from one of the employees. She said she had recently changed her son’s diet and sent him to school with a note that read, “Please tell my son that his mommy loves him so much and that I'm thinking about him."

Well, imagine her anger when someone at the school sent the note back with a reply that read, “No! Put him on a diet and go away!" As for how the school reacted, they say a worker did admit writing the note and they’ve since been fired.

Source: WBAL-TV

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