Daily Do Good: After 100+ Days In NICU One-Pound Micro Preemie Goes Home

After four long months, a Florida couple is finally able to bring their baby boy home from the hospital. Jessica and Christopher Hill’s son Finn James was born nearly four months early, at 24 weeks on May 21st. He weighed just one-pound and doctors warned his parents that the newborn only had a 50% chance of survival at the time.

Baby Finn spent the first few months of his life at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, where he was on a ventilator and had surgery to repair a hole in his heart and to correct an illness in his intestines. His mom didn’t even get to hold her newborn until June 30th, after only being able to watch him for over a month. But now he’s thriving and weighs in at five-pounds, five-ounces and his mom and dad are thrilled to have him home at last.

“It didn’t hit me until we left and it was the three of us for the first time,” Jessica says. “It was everything we hoped and prayed for.”

Source: Yahoo

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