IT'S HAPPENING! The Area 51 arrivals are beginning!

Cancelled, schmanceled…at last check, a few hundred folks – of the human, not alien variety – have turned up in Rachel, Nevada for the sort of cancelled “Storm Area 51-turned-Alienstock” event. There’s even a live stream rolling.

And while local residents have been clear that they’re not interested in their earthling visitors, officials say they’re ready for whatever comes. “We are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best,” says Lincoln County Emergency ManagerEric Holt. “If we don’t get the numbers for what we’re prepared for we can send some of the resource home. If we need it we can have it.”

And about the UFOs people thought they say near Las Vegas Wednesday night…they weren’t. Turns out, the strange lights in the sky were actually just skydivers trying to land at Sam Boyd Stadium.

Source:Associated Press

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