Daily Do Good: Woman Turns Bachelorette Party Into Trip To Help Bahamas

Rikki Kahley is getting married next month and the bride-to-be had her bachelorette weekend in Nassau all planned, until Hurricane Dorian slammed the islands. But instead of cancelling the trip, the 24-year-old from Macon, Georgia contacted the resort she had booked, Baha Mar, and since they were spared by Dorian, Kahley decided to continue with the trip with a small tweak to the plans - she turned the trip into a mission to help the Bahamas.

The girls packed their bags with donations for the people of the Bahamas impacted by the storm. Kahley says the resort helped make sure their supplies got into the right hands and Delta even agreed to bring the extra luggage on their flight for free.

"Our trip was really fun, and I know our supplies went to the right people, and so it was great," the bachelorette says. "We were excited to be able to lend a hand."

Source: USA Today

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