Man Quits His Job At Amazon After Winning The Lottery

The first-ever winner of England's "Set For Life" lottery went public and talked about how he figured out that he was the winner. 

Dean Weymes, who worked in the transport department for Amazon, hadn't bothered to check his numbers on the evening of the drawing and arrived at work as normal at 7 am on July 30.

During his first break, he finally did check, and soon realized that he didn't need to be at work anymore. So he made up an excuse that he wasn't feeling well and went home for the day. The following day, he came in and quit. When filling out the papers required when leaving Amazon, he checked the box that read "won lottery/retirement." 

He said that his supervisors didn't believe him at first but after they realized he wasn't kidding, they congratulated him. 

Dean now will make $12,000 a month for the next 30 years as the winner of the grand prize. What’s next? First, he’s going to Disneyland and then he’ll get back to hopefully pursuing his dream of being a screenwriter. 

Source: Market Watch



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