Neighbors Are Upset Over Strip Club’s Help Wanted Sign

Members of a Nebraska community are not happy at all with a local strip club in town. It seems that the club is attempting to hire new employees for the establishment. The problem lies with how they're going about trying to find help.

The club opted to hang a sign outside of the club that reads, “Fully nude girls! Stay at home mom’s earn extra cash!” reads the sign outside of Kandi’s Gentlemen’s Club in Omaha. “Apply within.”

Neighbors want to take it down, saying “it’s very inappropriate” and “kind of crass.” Some residents say they don't want to have to explain what that means to their young sons. 

However, the club doesn’t have a liquor license yet and that has made it more difficult for the city to regulate the sign, which for now, falls into the category of free speech. Other store owners are hoping the owners will be good neighbors and take the sign down.

Time will tell. 

Source: KMTV



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