Teen Hangs Sign in Car to Find Kidney for Mom's Boyfriend

When Lilian Jarjour found out it could take five years for her mother’s boyfriend, Ryan Stanford, to get a much-needed kidney transplant, she decided to take matters into her own hands. The 18-year-old wanted to help, so she spread the message that he’s searching for a living donor using social media, word of mouth, and her car.

Lilian has a sign on the back of her car reading: “Single dad of three needs kidney, type O.” The Michigan teen considers Stanford family so she wanted to do something as she sees him grow sicker from the polycystic kidney disease he’s suffered from his entire life.

"It’s just a poster board," Lilian says, explaining that the family now has plans to make special car decals with the message. "He’s just a really good guy. I’m going to keep trying until he gets a kidney. I’ll keep posting, anything else I can think of to get the word out."

Source: Inside Edition

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