Daily Do Good: Firefighter On Vacation Saves Three Girls From Rip Current

While on a family trip to North Carolina’s Emerald Isle, a firefighter from New York jumped into action to save three girls caught in a deadly rip current. Sean O’Gorman, with the Oswego Fire Department, was on the beach when he spotted two young teens on boogie boards struggling to get back to shore. When a third teen went out to help and they were all stuck, he got involved.

The girls’ mother called 911, but he decided not to wait when he heard someone yelling “help!” O’Gorman says swimming out was easy, but getting back with three teenage girls hooked onto his feet? Not so much. But the 50-year-old firefighter made it back safely with all three, as rescue people with the Emerald Isle Fire Department arrived.

“Their parents thanked me and everything, but I believe Emerald Isle's Fire Department would have gotten to them if I hadn't gone out," O’Gorman says. But those parents are glad he didn’t take that chance!

Source: Charlotte Observer

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