Amazon Will Now Deliver Packages to the Trunk of Your Car

As we previously told you, back in November, Amazon launched the new service, Amazon Key, which basically allows delivery folks to come into your house when you are not there and leave your package inside. The service was met with a lot of criticism and ribbing, but that hasn’t stopped the online giant from testing out new ways for folks to get their packages easily.

The company has now launched what they are calling Amazon Key In-Car, which is available to Prime members in the 37 areas that already offer Amazon Key. Basically, the service allows delivery men to leave your package inside the trunk of your car, turning your car into a sort of locker. 

Unlike Amazon Key, which costs $220 for a smart lock and camera in your home, Key In-Car is free, but only available for certain car brands with either an active OnStar account, or Volvo cars with a Volvo On Call account. All you have to do is download the Amazon Key app, and choose In-Car when ordering, and then tell the service where your car will be parked, and where to put the package like say the trunk, or even under the seat. Once the driver finds your car and is next to it, they tap on the app which opens the lock, and the driver makes their delivery.

  • Now if you’re worried about drivers stealing your car, it’s understandable but Amazon insists the service can only lock and unlock the doors and the trunk, and can not start the car. It also insures the driver locks up the car when they're done because they won’t get info on their next delivery until it happens.

Source: USA Today

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