Daily Do Good: Group Feeds Denver’s Hungry With Leftover Food From Venues

Back in 2009, Arlan Preblud wondered what happened to leftover food after games at Denver’s stadiums and arenas. And when he found out that it went to waste, just like leftover food at all kinds of catered events in town, he decided to find a way to use that perfectly good food to fill bellies instead of landfills and he started We Don’t Waste.

The nonprofit group rescues food that’s left over at Denver venues after events and gets it to local shelters and food banks who can use it instead of having it get thrown out. We Don’t Waste collects an enormous amount of food - last year alone they provided 10 million meals to the hungry in Colorado. They also partner with Nation to Nation to provide food and clothing to the Lakota Sioux at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, which has the lowest per capita income in the country.

“There’s nothing more pure and satisfying than helping someone eat,” said We Don’t Waste driver Matthew Karm. “We are fortunate and get to fill our cups every day. I’m honored to be a part of something as magical and human as this.”

Source: Denver Post

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