Kelly Ripa Catching Heat For This Bikini Pic Posted By Her Husband

Kelly Ripa's bikini picture has brought out the haters. Ripa's husband, Mark Consuelos, posted a shot of his wife on Instagram calling her "the sexy one.” It didn’t take long for trolls to chime in.

The shot showing Ripa in vacation in a sun hat and bikini drew hundreds of comments. 

  • “Kelly’s gorgeous, but isn’t there a cutoff age where age-appropriateness comes into play?" one Instagram user posted. "Just because you can rock a bikini, doesn’t mean you should.”
  • “Not the sweet Kelly she was when she first started with Regis,” wrote another

Ripa fans were quick to fight back.

  • “Rock that hard work," one Ripa defender posted, "and be proud.”
  • “These are human beings, we are all human beings. If someone choose to show his wife or his foot or his face or his children, as long as they are not insulting or humiliating images, there is no reason to judge,” another Insta user replied. “Women too often judge other women and people too often target people out of ignorance.”
  • “The ones that tell your wife, she’s too old, she needs to eat, she has boy body, are the very same people that have a million insecurities,” offered another.

And considering Ripa kept posting shots of the fam enjoying their vacation, chances are they're ignoring the haterade...and still soaking up the love.

Source: Mark Consuelos

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