DDG: Couple Celebrates 55th Anniversary At Restaurant Where They Met

Elmer and Fran Armstrong met at Steak ‘n Shake back in 1962 and really hit it off. The couple married the next year and this June will be their 55th anniversary. And to celebrate the big event, their granddaughter, Courtney Stepp helped them relive the day they met with a cute photo shoot at the restaurant.

Stepp says her grandparents had a ball at the photo shoot and were giggling and reminiscing about old memories. And when Steak ‘n Shake saw the photos, they sent Elmer and Fran an anniversary present in the mail.

“It’s hard to find people that can make it last,” Stepp says about her grandma and grandpa. “They are super good friends. They get along so well. They truly care about one another. True love can last.”

Source: Inside Edition

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