Lying In A Long Hot Bath Burns As Many Calories As 30-Minute Walk

We all know that exercise goes a long way in helping with weight loss, but what if you could burn those calories by doing something more relaxing than walking or maybe using a treadmill? Well, according to some new research, taking a hot bath may just do the trick.

New research out of England suggests that soaking in a tub can burn an average of 126 calories an hour, which is about the same as taking a 25 to 30 minute walk.

The study, conducted by a team at Loughborough and Leicester Universities, was looking into alternatives to exercise to control type 2 diabetes, and found the shocking benefits of soaking. After comparing the time spent in a hot bath to the same amount of time riding a bicycle, they found the bath was more effective at lowering blood sugar levels. The hot bath also produced an 80% increase in energy expenditures, which means that lying in water doing nothing was burning 100 calories.

But before you go giving up your gym membership in favor of hours in the tub, the researchers note, “Although these findings are interesting, we would always encourage increased physical activity and exercise as the best way to maintain good health.”

Source: The Daily Mail

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