Daily Do Good: Best Friend Saves Bus Driver And Passengers

Metro RTA operator Jennifer Simmons was driving her regular bus route in Akron, Ohio when she suddenly felt really dizzy and so sick she couldn’t drive. Fortunately, a passenger, Shirley Blanks, who was chatting to Simmons, jumped up to help.

Simmons passed out and Blanks put the bus in park while holding Simmons in her arms. She got everyone off the bus safely and after spending a week in the hospital, Simmons has been cleared to get behind the wheel again.

But it turns out these two women are more than strangers who met on a bus, they’ve been best friends for more than 30 years. And the crazy part? Blanks had never ridden her bestie’s bus before and on her first experience, she saved her and the other passengers on board. These BFFs believe it all happened for a reason and Simmons says Blanks is her “guardian angel.”

Source: News 5 Cleveland

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