Daily Do Good: Coworkers Get Car For Single Dad Who Walked 11 Miles To Work

When Trenton Lewis got his job at a UPS facility in Little Rock, Arkansas, he didn’t have a car, so he walked the 11-miles every morning to get to his 4 a.m. shift. The 21-year-old did that trek for seven months without his coworkers knowing how he got to work. He has a lot of pride, especially when it comes to providing for his 14-month-old daughter, Karmen.

When they found out what the single dad did every day just to get to work, they decided to lend him a hand. Patricia “Mama Pat” Bryant and her husband, Kenneth, have both put in close to 40 years with UPS, and they were moved by Lewis’s determination. So they shared his story with coworkers and collected money from them to buy the young father a reliable set of wheels.

Lewis had no idea what they were up to and when they asked him to come to a “union meeting,” he was shocked when Kenneth pulled the keys to a 2006 Saturn out of his pocket and gave them to him. "I was emotionally moved. My heart just fell," Lewis says. “I’m never going to forget this ever.”

Source: CNN

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