Student Says Airline Forced Her to Flush Hamster Down Toilet

A college student is considering legal action against Spirit Airlines after she claims they told her to flush her emotional-support hamster down the toilet.  Belen Aldecosea told the "Miami Herald" she was travelling from Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale last November to have surgery when a Spirit Airline employee told her the animal wasn't allowed on board.  This after she called ahead of time and got approval to bring the hamster, named Pebbles, on the flight.  She said once she got to security an employee told her to flush the hamster down an airport toilet.  Aldecosea, who was traveling alone and had no one to call to come get Pebbles, decided to flush the animal rather than let it freeze outside in the cold.  A Spirit spokesman acknowledged that an employee incorrectly told Aldecosea that she could bring her hamster on board, but denies an employee told her to kill it. 



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