Daily Do Good: Teen Saves Students By Driving School Bus

When 13-year-old Karson Vega noticed the school bus driver driving erratically on the way home one day last week, he knew something was wrong and jumped up to help. The Texas middle schooler called 911, turned on the bus flashers and even got behind the wheel because the driver was having an unnamed medical emergency.

Another student helped calm the four younger kids who were still on the bus as Karson sat on the driver’s lap and moved his feet from the pedals and drove the bus two miles to a stop. The driver was taken to the hospital and is expected to be fine and all of the students were fine, thanks to the teen’s quick reaction.

The crazy part is, Karson wasn’t even supposed to be on that bus that afternoon. He doesn’t usually ride the school bus home, but his mom couldn’t pick him up that day. “There was a reason,” his mother says, “he was on that bus that day.”

Source: Fox News

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