Daily Do Good: High School Football Player Doesn’t Let Wheelchair Stop Him

For his entire life, Danny Lilya has always wanted to be a Moose Lake Rebel, the high school football team in his northern Minnesota town. The thing is, the 16-year-old was born with a broken back and will never walk, but that hasn’t stopped him from making his dream come true.

Danny is paralyzed from the waist down because of the separated spine he came into the world with, so he had to work a little harder than most to earn his spot on his dream team. But a teammate came up with an idea to get Danny on the field: he could get out of the wheelchair, kneel down and be the player who holds the ball for the kicker during field goals and extra points.

And it turns out, he’s great at it! This past season the junior held the ball for over 20 successful extra points. In December Danny was invited to watch the Minnesota Vikings practice and held the ball with their field goal unit and they gave him Super Bowl tickets, too! And if any football fan deserves that incredible experience, it’s this amazing kid.

Source: CBS News

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