Did “This Is Us” Hint At Killing Randall? *SPOILER ALERT*

A scene in last week’s episode of “This Is Us” sent fans into a frenzy on Twitter. Spoiler alert: The scene foreshadows Randall’s possible death when him and Kevin talk about Jack’s death. Randall explains he can’t picture himself as an old man and Kevin assures him he’s “not going anywhere anytime soon.” So is this some sort of foreshadowing? 

The show’s creator Dan Fogelman says he “can’t reassure anybody of anything,” but he can assure that they’re not killing Randall this season. So does that mean it’s still a possibility? Fogelman says “everybody can relax.”

He actually took away something different from this scene. Fogelman says the “hairs on [his] arms go up more for Kevin” in the scene. He says that Kevin assures Randall he’s never going to die, but doesn’t say anything about himself. Though he’s not hinting at anyone’s death, he finds it interesting how “people view their own mortality.” Guess Randall’s off the hook for this season.

Source: Entertainment Weekly



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