Family Shares Professional Photo Fail With Hilarious Results

One family’s attempt to get some professional family photos has resulted in a major fail that has the Internet laughing along with them. Missouri’s Dave and Pam Zaring decided to get professional shots done of their blended family and the results were so ridiculous Pam couldn’t help but share them.

The couple says they paid around $250 to a middle-aged woman who contacted them claiming to be an experienced photographer. While the photo shoot may have seemed to go well, when they got the pictures back three months later they were anything but good. Every member of the family had their faces edited so badly they really thought it was a “joke.” “I've never laughed this hard in my life,” Pam told KCEN. “My kids were so confused. They thought we were playing a joke on them. They just kept saying they looked like Lego people.”

When she reached out to the photographer to find out what happened, the woman claimed that there were so many shadows in the picture she had to do some editing, but she wasn’t properly taught how to retouch shots.

Source: KCEN TV



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