Daily Do Good: Teacher Donates Kidney To Student’s Mom

After watching her math whiz student struggle to answer simple questions, Donna Hoagland asked his mom to come in for a conference to see what was going on with him. There she learned that Toy Volk’s mother, Anahita, was in the final stages of kidney failure. She needed a new kidney, but no one in her large family was a match.

But that meeting inspired her son’s fourth grade teacher to find out if she could be a donor match for Volk. And after being tested, the women got the incredible news that they were compatible. Hoagland and Volk had the transplant over the winter break and Volk is already feeling much, much better.

The mother is blown away by the priceless gift that Troy’s teacher has given her and the second chance at life it’s providing. “The amazing amount of selflessness this woman has is inspiring,” Volk says of Hoagland.

Source: Austin American-Statesman


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