Daily Do Good: Walmart Clerk Saves Senior From Christmas Scam

When Cecil Rodgers got a call from someone claiming to be his grandson in need of help, he was ready to do anything for him. The caller said he had been in an accident, hit a pregnant woman’s car, and that he was being charged with drunk driving. Then he put his supposed lawyer on the phone and that guy told Rodgers to go to a Walmart and do a direct store to store money transfer for $2,300 to pay the “grandson’s” bail bond.

But when Rodgers got to Walmart and told cashier Audrella Taylor the details of the call and why he was doing the money transfer, she was suspicious. The five-year Walmart employee says she felt the senior was being scammed and told him she wouldn’t let him send the money until he went home and called other family members to see if there had really been a crash. It turns out it was all a scam and the grandson was safe at college.

Audrella has seen this kind of scam before and knew something didn’t sound right in this story. And because of her instincts, she saved this grandpa $2,300. Rodgers is thankful and Audrella’s bosses are happy, too.


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