Daily Do Good: Kid Gives Up Chance For Xbox Gift To Buy Gifts For Others

Mikah Frye did what a lot of other nine-year-olds wouldn’t dream of: he traded the chance to get the Xbox he wanted for Christmas so he could buy over 60 blankets for the less fortunate. Why? This kid knows what it’s like to not have a blanket of your own because his family stayed in an emergency shelter years ago when they fell on hard times.

So he wanted to pay it forward and help others have a nice Christmas and his selfless action got the attention of Microsoft. The billion-dollar company planned a special surprise for Mikah and helped make his Christmas more magical.

Microsoft and Santa gave Mikah two huge bags of gifts, and yes, inside one of them was an Xbox. So this boy got what he really wanted for Christmas and he also learned how rewarding helping others can be.

Source: Fox 8

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