PA Firefighter Loses House In Fire, Stranger Gives Him Another One

Last week, Pennsylvania firefighter JJ Lyons was out hunting with his family when he got a call that his own house was on fire. The fire caused about $400,000 in damage and left the 10-year veteran of the fire department and his wife and five-year-old daughter homeless before the holidays.

When Joe Miller heard about the situation, he thought he might be able to help, even though he had never met JJ or his wife before. Miller’s mother passed away earlier this year and he was going to sell her home, but he offered it to the Lyons family instead.

JJ’s fellow firefighters from the Williamsport Bureau of Fire helped clean out the new house, tore out carpet and took furniture out so it was ready for the Lyons family to move in. And the generosity of a total stranger has reminded JJ that there are still good people in the world. “It’s extremely awesome,” he says. ‘It’s definitely a huge blessing that Mr. Miller reached out to us and offered up his mother’s house.”

Source: WNEP

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