Cop Holds Van To Stop It Falling Off Bridge

Police Constable Martin Willis was on his way to another crash in Halifax, England when he passed a van hanging upside down from the top of a bridge. The West Yorkshire Police traffic officer stopped to help by clinging to the side of the van to stop it from falling over the side of the icy bridge.

The driver inside was badly hurt, but Willis stayed calm and tried to help the driver do the same until more help arrived. The officer says he kept thinking how the vehicle could literally tip over at any moment, but thankfully the fire and rescue department showed up, got to work, and two hours later they pulled the van to safety.

Willis goes by “Motorway Martin” on Twitter and his post about the dramatic scene got a reply from the22-year-old driver’s parent. The relieved parent explained how grateful the family was for what he did and called Willis “100% a hero.” But the modest cop replied that he was only doing his job and that he was pleased he was able to help.

Source: CBS News



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