Daily Do Good: Officer Adopts Opioid-Addicted Baby

Albuquerque police officer Ryan Holets was on a routine call when his life changed forever. The young officer met a pregnant homeless heroin addict who was shooting up and she told him that she desperately wanted someone to adopt her baby. The father of four showed her a photo of his family and said he would adopt her unborn baby.

Crystal Champ, the eight-months pregnant woman agreed, knowing how much better the child’s life would be. Champ, 35, has been battling addiction since she was a teen and has been homeless for two years, so officer Holets’ offer was just what she had hoped for.

Ryan’s wife, Rebecca Holets, was on-board with his decision, even though their youngest child is just 10-months-old. The couple named their new daughter Hope and after she went through a difficult detox from the drugs her mother was using, she’s adjusting to her new life with her adoptive family.

The Holets know their new baby could face troubles in the future because of the way she came into this world, but they’re ready. “Whatever struggles she has, we’ll be there and we’ll work through it,” Ryan says. “And that makes me happy.”

Source: Fox 2 Now



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