Daily Do Good: Lonely Widower Gets Hundreds Of Christmas Dinner Invites

A lonely widower in Berlin, Germany posted a note at a local grocery store looking for someone to spend the holidays with and after the response he’s gotten, he’s definitely not going to be alone this year. The anonymous elderly widower left the note reading: “Where can a lonely pensioner and widower find a place in a small group for Christmas?”

A woman named Lisa found the note at the grocery store and was so touched, she posted it on her Facebook page. She says she was afraid no one would notice it, so she used the power of social media to help the lonely old guy.

The note was shared over 6,700 times and the man got so many responses and offers from people to spend Christmas with them. Lisa says he was “very touched” and pleased so many folks have responded, but he hasn’t decided where to spend it yet since Christmas is still a month away.

Source: Hello Giggles

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