Daily Do Good: UK Tries Out First Vending Machines For Homeless

They’re trying out a new kind of vending machine in the UK and it’s made just for the homeless community. This unique machine will be in Nottingham stocked with fresh fruit, sandwiches, clean socks, books, lotion, towels, toothpaste, and other essentials available to 100 of the city’s “priority homeless population.”

UK charity Auction Hunger is working with the Friary, a surplus grocery food charity to get special keycards to the 100 users. Those folks can use the cards up to three times a day to get what they need without wiping out the inventory.

In exchange for the goods, the homeless people will have to check in with the Friary once a week. But that constant contact with the charity could help them get back on their feet sooner. And if this trial vending machine goes well, Action Hunger hopes to install more in Manchester, London, and Birmingham.

Source: Good News Network

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