Daily Do Good: Woman Helps Crowdfund $375K For Homeless Hero

While driving down Interstate 95 last month, Kate McClure ran out of gas. She was scared, but she got out of her car and started walking to a gas station, but Johnny Bobbitt Jr. stopped her. He told her to get back in her car and to lock it and minutes later he showed up with a gas can for her, having spent his last $20 on it.

Bobbitt is homeless but he didn’t ask McClure for any money for the gas. She paid him back over the next few weeks by giving him a coat, gloves, a hat, and socks, and each time she saw him she gave him a few dollars as well. But as she and her boyfriend got to know Bobbitt, they wanted to do more to help him get back on his feet.

They started a GoFundMe page for him, hoping to raise $10,000 - enough for first and last month’s rent, a reliable vehicle, and money for expenses for six months. But when local news covered the story, the donations started pouring in - it was up to $370,000 and still climbing.

The couple helped Johnny check into a hotel, where he enjoyed Thanksgiving and was happy to watch TV in bed with his new contact lenses. Now the former Marine and former firefighter is enjoying his new computer and making a new plan for his life, which is all going to be possible because he was kind to a stranger and she paid it forward for him.

Source: CNN

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