10 Tricks Supermarkets Use To Get You Spending More Money

Experts have discovered that the average consumer tends to remember the price of only four items in a grocery store - and we all know that there's no way most of us leave the grocery store with less than that many items.

Every business has their own methods to get customers spending more money.

Here are 10 tricks grocery stores use to get your cart full and your wallet empty.

10. Shopping cart size

The bigger the size of the shopping cart, the more inclined you are to fill it. Think about it, have you ever walked out of Costco or Sam's Club with only one or two items in your shopping cart?

9. The produce aisle

Grocery shopping is not the highlight of anyone's day. The array of bright colors in the produce section will brighten up your mood and get you motivated to shop right when you first walk in. However, the produce aisle requires the most work, so it's easy to just grab pre-packaged produce and leave that section. Be aware that those bags are more expensive than the un-cut produce.

8. Fresh baked goods

Your eyes had some beautiful colors to look at in the produce section, but that amazing, fresh smell that gets your stomach grumbling is from the bakery. Now that they've made you hungry, you're ready to buy anything that looks good.

7. Eye-level items

Supermarkets want to draw your attention to top-selling or more popular brands, which, conveniently for them, happen to be the more expensive options. For example, you'll notice how popular sugary cereals are placed at eye-level, while healthier options are either on the bottom shelf or on a high shelf. This method is also used to entice kids to see more popular and expensive brands first in the snacks aisle.

6. Sample stations

If you're like many customers who tend to buy the same products over and over again, you're likely not inclined to try something new. This is why many supermarkets offer samples to try their foods, which encourage you to buy that product. If you like it, you'll be adding an extra item on your grocery list.

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